Digital marketing is a specialized field of marketing that has also grown into an increasingly popular profession due to the increasing use of the Internet. Digital marketing professionals need to be familiar with existing technologies, keep an eye on emerging technologies, and keep pace with technological developments. In addition, there should also be a certain degree of understanding or relevant experience in traditional marketing methods.

What does digital marketing need to do?

Digital marketing refers to the promotion of a brand through online channels, such as websites, mobile phones, social media, blogs and emails visited by the company and target audience in order to increase interaction with existing and potential customers and broaden their communication channels . Digital marketing professionals are primarily responsible for maintaining websites, updating and writing website content, reporting and analyzing website traffic, building and maintaining social media, and collaborating with website designers; most importantly, they need to relate the relevance of digital marketing to The importance is communicated to stakeholders who are unaware of digital technologies.

What skills do I need to master?

As mentioned above, digital marketing is a specialized field of marketing and therefore requires specialized knowledge and skills. You need to keep up with the times, stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and how they are progressing, be interested in and actively participate in online promotions and social media. Digital marketers need to think creatively about leveraging technology, develop creative marketing campaigns, and write website and campaign text with confidence. In addition, you also need to master some industry terminology, and it is very important to fully demonstrate your professional quality.

What qualifications do I need to have?

As a starter in the field of digital marketing, you will need a college degree in marketing, media or graphic/web design, demonstrate creativity and demonstrate an interest and enthusiasm for emerging technologies. If you are an experienced generalist looking to cross over into this specialized field, you will need to have an understanding of digital marketing activities, appropriate participation in professional training courses and develop a strong interest in digital and emerging technologies.

How much can I get paid?

Digital marketing professionals have specialized skills and knowledge, and therefore are expected to earn higher salaries relative to general-purpose marketers of a similar level.

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